I started Reeling Films because I love the effect my work has on people. After shooting a few of my friends’ weddings using a Super 8 camera instead of digital, I realized this stuff can bring a whole room to tears. For me, it’s not about recording every single second of the day, but rather shooting the special moments and details and giving a momento that can be watched over and over and shared for a lifetime.

I don’t find my inspiration in the average wedding film– cheesy fade-ins and blurry outlines– I look at new films, or  shorts like the Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage series (I love Paris!) and try to incorporate it into my own style. I’m always learning new things and am so inspired by the art and events in NYC and Brooklyn and by the people meet.

Why go Super 8? My super 8 films are individual pieces of art that capture your day. I make a sketch that catches the atmosphere but still allows space for your own interpretation and memories. It is also exactly the length of your guests’ attention span and is amazing to share.

What is Super 8? It’s vintage film that is 8mm wide. My film is processed by hand in a little lab on the LES and then transferred to digital format for editing (and for viewing, as not many people own a projector). The film has a life of its own, imperfections and dust and bits of things hop on and off and add to the originality.

What about combining film/digital? Yes of course! I mix the two all the time. But I don’t shoot like a traditional wedding videographer when I’m using a digital camera; I do not approve of hovering over the bride and pushing record for 8 hours! I record when I need to, and am unobtrusive and a total ninja.

That photo up there is by Glen Allsop!